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𝟯ANUTA gathered a vast amount of retail stores in one place through a user-friendly application. The application will provide ease of communication between you and the retailers, hence, increasing your sales and customer base.

Download the app from google play
Expand your customer database through using our smart digital solutions
Reveal your offers to retailers with one click
Access your retailers’ geographical location to release your targeted offers regularly and effectively
Usage Steps

After the retailer makes an order on the 𝟯ANUTA application

All your orders located in one place

Once you receive the order you can select the representative that will make the delivery from your dashboard

A notification will be sent to the representative on their application so that they can accept the request and complete the stages of processing for the merchant


Order stages

You will be able to verify successful deliveries and have your cash collected

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Total management

Manage your products, orders, payments, and dues from the dashboard

Step by step

You will be able to control your collections and follow up on your delegates efficiently.


𝟯ANUTA provides you with

Digitizing the sales process: ordering + digital payment
No cash issues due to digital payment solutions
New unpenetrated sales channels
Detailed market data and reports
Target retailers according to their locations

𝟯ANUTA is a next generation app powered by Creditor. Leading the e-commerce market in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. it enables the retailer to pay for the goods they need through installments at the best prices leading to better stock availability and higher profits, as well as increasing supplier profits by providing the largest data base for retailers available through the 𝟯ANUTA app.

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